Benevento hosts Udinese

Benevento hosts Udinese in a game from the 35th round of the Italian Serie A. Here are our thoughts on this game.

Benevento are the first team to get relegated in Serie A this season. They are 20th in the league standings with just 17 points won so far. Their record shows 5 wins, 2 draws and 27 defeats – a record, which won’t make them very proud with their performance. Benevento will remain in history as one of the weakest teams in the Calcio.

But despite of this, Benevento enjoyed two wins in their last five matches – against Hellas Verona and Milan at the Stadio San Siro. They also lost twice and made one draw.

Clearly Benevento were not ready to play in the Serie A. They won a promotion and deserved to be here, but they just weren’t ready. Now they will return to the Serie B and maybe they will try to win promotion once again. And hopefully, they are going to perform better.

Udinese are 15th in the Serie A with 33 points. The Bianconeri have a record of 10 wins, 3 draws and 21 defeats. This season is not very good for Udinese and the amount of losses they have proves it.

In their last five matches Udinese are doing incredibly bad – they have five consecutive losses. Right now Udinese are the team in the worst shape in the entire Serie A. They have luck that they managed to win enough points to stay safe during the season. Otherwise, they would be in the relegation zone with a form like this.

Udinese’s terrible form is giving Benevento some high hopes of achieving a 6th win since the beginning of the season. With winning at the Stadio San Siro in the previous round, Benevento would have enough confidence to do it.